Bill Bennett


Bill is a renowned journalist and filmmaker. In a career spanning more than thirty years his films have won numerous international awards, and screened at film festivals around the world, including Cannes, New York, Toronto, London, Berlin.

As well, he is an Adjunct Professor of Creative Industries at one of Australia’s leading universities.


Jennifer Cluff


Jennifer is an actress and producer, and has spent the past twenty five years studying esoteric literature.

She is a searcher, and a sensitive. She meditates daily, and leads her life intuitively.


Rebecca Wolgast

Transmedia Producer

Rebecca Wolgast is PGS’s young transmedia producer. With a passion for, and understanding of, social media, she is ideally suited to take PGS’s message out into the wider world.

She is a recent Honours Graduate from the Queensland University of Technology, and made several short films before joining the PGS team.


Geoff Michels

Executive Producer

Geoff’s career spans journalism, public relations, issues management and investor relations. He has been for many years and is currently a communications specialist advising corporations and other entities both in Australia and overseas.

His curiosity about intuition is long-standing and has its genesis in an interest in science, in particular the quantum world.


Andrea Keir


Until just recently, Andrea Keir was Chief Operating Officer at Rhonda Byrne’s production company in the US, the company that produced the global phenomenon, THE SECRET.

For five years she helped oversee the worldwide rollout of THE SECRET franchise. Before that, she was US Head of Acquisitions for the Nine Network Australia, and in that capacity she was pitched the concept of THE SECRET. Her enthusiasm and recommendation for the project led to the network’s acquisition, enabling the film to get made.

Andrea’s background is in television journalism and marketing. She is based in LA and will be integrally involved in PGS the Film, and launching the brand worldwide.